Steve & Linda Schmidt

Steve and Linda grew up in Owosso, Michigan, home to the Owosso Motor Car. Company. Steve started the webpage about the Pulse autocycle history in Dec. of 2000.


The Schmidts connected with Chuck & Linda Furgason via emails about the autocycles. Soon, the Litestar and Pulse Rally was planned.

In 2001, a rally was held at the Owosso Airport and 10 autocycles attending. The group toured to the Owosso Motor Car Co. plant for a photo opp with Company President Ed Butcher.

The 2002 National Rally was moved to Marion, Indiana after Ray & Judy Johnson invited the group to meet there during the Fly/In Cruise/In.

Steve and Linda bought Pulse #185 from Don Weekley, Michigan Pulse dealer, in Oct. 28, 2004.

Don said it was the last Pulse his dealership sold.

Pulse #185 as it looked at the opening night of the movie "Back to the Future II" at Owosso, Michigan in Nov. 1989

Pulse #185 as it looked in Oct. 2004

In Feb. 2005, Pulse #185 can be seen at Chuck Furgason's home at Jackson, Michigan.

Below, Steve, Ray Johnson, Ed Butcher, Leo Doyle and Ken Weger in 2005

Below, David (Pulse #315) and Steve in 2006.

Below, at the 2007 National Pulse Rally at Marion, Indiana

Steve installed a BD-5 airspeed indicator in #185

It worked great above 25mph.

Below, Ed Butcher drives Pulse #185 at the National Pulse Rally

We added Michigan State University graphics one year and drove over to the campus at East Lansing several times during football games.

Below, with Dave & Pat Vaughn

At the 2009 Rally

Steve had a Michigan 'OMCC' personalized license plate

Steve & Linda restored Pulse #177 in 2012.

At the 2014 Rally

A video was made of Owosso Motor Car Co. founder,

David Vaughn, driving Pulse #177 at the Owosso Airport.

David at the wheel of Pulse #177 in 2012

The father of 'Kit Plane' fame, and autocycle designer, Jim Bede, attended several of the

National Pulse Rallys

Craig Heavenridge bought Steve's static display BD-5

Steve's Pulse Videos

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Steve and Ken Weger talk about the Pulse.


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