Pulse #155

John Ayres of Eureka, CA owns Pulse #155. He totally restored the Pulse in 2021. Repowered with a Goldwing 1100cc in a 1000cc frame. He found that the steering had taken a bad hit and repaired the bent steel and replaced bearings.

History of #155

Doug Minert offered #155 for sale in the spring of 2020.

Pulled from a storage facility in northern Indiana. Title from California. Original engine with reverse. Missing windshield Mileage is 2,200 miles. $8,500.

Ian McFarland was assisting owner in selling Pulse #155 in Feb. of 2013.

According to Ian, the Pulse is in rough shape but every thing looks to be there and is located in San Luis Obispo County on the central coast of California.

More photos on flickr:


Below are the photos from 2013

Below are the photos from 2005

Year........Nov. 1985
Owner.........Charlie Richmond - Cambria, CA
Body #851105156
Engine Yamaha 400cc....#16M-002480
VIN 17JTW12R6FM000155

Milage in Sept. 2005.....2,300.

Offered on Ebay in Sept. 2005. Photos below.

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