Owosso Litestar #2

These photos were taken at the Owosso Motor Car Co. factory at the 1985 Dealers Meeting


John Leonard of Warsaw, Indiana bought Owosso Litestar #2 from Chuck Hansen of Bakersfield, CA. It had never been titled and had only 3,000 miles on it.

Mr. Hansen was one of the original Litestar Dealers. He invested $48,000 for a three county Litestar dealership in Califorina in February 1985 reportly. This money was paid to Tomorrow Corp., not Owosso Motor Car Comapny.

Mr. Hansen and Steve Davy, mechanic, flew to Owosso, Michigan in February of 1985 and attended the dealer meeting. More about the meeting here.

Tomorrow Corp. had announced prior to the Owosso meeting that they had 30 units in production. Hansen's mission was to get one of those 30 for himself. He walked up to one of the nearly finished Litestars and stood over it until they finished it. The factory taped a #2 to the windshield and it was his.

Six inches of snow was on the ground when Hansen and his mechanic got in and drove to Bakersfield over the next three days without incident. Hansen took careful notes and reported that it ran up to 90 mph much of the time and "No One" ever passed them. Hansen soon re-painted the white Litestar red.

This Owosso Motor Car Company letter below was sent to Hansen and offers him a dealership.

Original Owner......Chuck Hansen - CA ....John Leonard....Unknown
Body #8511502
Engine #14V-002800
VIN 1LSECP2E5F000002

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